Preparing to launch

Hey everybody,

Early next week I will be launching an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign to finance my feature length movie 'Koreatown' that I've been working on for the last few years.

I'm posting this status to find out who out there would be interested in helping me promote it for the next month so I can meet my goal and get the project fully funded.

This is a really big deal for me, I'm excited to finally use all my talent and experience to make something really special. I can't express how much it would mean to me to get help from all my friends and family who want to see me succeed at my life's ambition.

The premise of 'Koreatown' is that it's about two acidheads who accidentally dose a cop and spend the rest of their night trying to get their stash back. It's a comedy.

There's a lot more to it, but right now I just want to get an idea of who would be interested in helping me promote the campaign, so please like/comment/etc and let me know who is interested in helping out. With enough help I know I can make something wonderful.

I’ll be posting updates here and on the the other ktown social media pages: